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White Wines


Townshend Chardonnay (Washington) $7.00/$21

Saint Marc Chardonnay (France) $8.00/$24

Avalon Chardonnay (California) $8.00/$24

PNW Chardonnay (Washington) $8.00/$24

Riders Cellars Chardonnay (Washington) $11.00/$33

Rodney Strong Chalk Hill (California) $12.00/$36

Fess Parker Chardonnay (California) $12.00/$36

House Of Brown Chardonnay (California) $12.00/$36

Sauvignon Blanc

Auspicion Sauvignon Blanc (California) $7.00/$21

Villa des Anges Sauvignon Blanc (France) $8.00/$24

Lapis Luna Sauvignon Blanc (California) $9.00/$27

Walnut Block Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) $11.00/$33

Paddy Borthwick Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) $13.00/$39

Robert Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc (California) $13.00/$39

Pinot Gris/Grigio

Altavilla Pinot Grigio (Italy) $7.00/$21

Abbey Page Pinot Grigio (Washington) $9.00/$27

Townshend Pinot Gris (Washington) $9.00/$27

Gård Freyja (Washington) $13.00/$39

White Blend

Honoro Vera (Spain) $7.00/$21

Naches Heights Can-Can (Wahington) $9.00/$27

Maryhill Winemaker’s White (Washington) $10/$30

Lydian Alto (Washington) $11.00/$33

Res Fortes Cotes-du-Roussillion (France) $12.00/$36

Other Whites

Passatempo Vino Verde (Portugal) $7.00/$21

Obsession Symphony $7.00/$21

Poderi Dal Nespoli Famoso (Italy) $9.00/$27

Marchetti Verdicchio (Italy) $9.00/$27

Weinut Frank Gruner Veltliner (Austria) $11.00/$33

Pieropan Soave (Italy) $13.00/$39

Moraima Albariño (Spain) $13.00/$39


Saint Marc Cinsault Rosé (France) $8.00/$24

Jolee Rosé semi-sparkling (Oregon) $8.00/$24


Les Vignobles Blanc Lime (France) $7.00/$21

Villa Jolanda Strawberry Moscato (Italy) $9.00/$27

Villa Jolanda Peach Moscato (Italy) $9.00/$27

Riesling/Sweet Wines/Mead

Pasek Muniscat Canelli (Washington) $7.00/$21

Pasek Cranberry Wine (Washington) $8.00/$24

Pasek Blackberry Wine (Washington) $8.00/$24

Tattoo Girl Riesling (Washington) $8.00/$24

Fess Parker Riesling (California) $10.00/$30

Seattle Mead Company Blackberry Currant (Washington) $12.00/$36

Seattle Mead Company Ballard Berry (Washington) $12.00/$36


Sparkling Wine


Vega Medien Cava Rosé (Spain) $8.00/$24

Vega Medien Cava Brut (Spain) $8.00/$24

La Bella Rosé Prosecco Extra Dry (Italy) $9.00/$27

M. de Ligny Blanc de Blancs Brut (France) $9.00/$27

M. de Ligny Rosé Sparkling (France) $9.00/$27

Acinum Extra Dry Prosecco (Italy) $9.00/$27

Montetondo Garganega Frizzante (Italy) $10.00/$30

Hard Cider

Tieton Cider Works Imperial Apple (Yakima, WA) $7.00

Tieton Cider Works Lavender Honey (Yakima, WA) $7.00

Tieton Cider Works Hazy Strawberry (Yakima, WA) $7.00

Tieton Cider Works Bourbon Barrel Peach (Yakima, WA) $7.00

2 Towns Ciderhouse Tropical Cosmic Crisp (Corvallis, OR) $7.00

2 Towns Ciderhouse Brightcider (Corvallis, OR) $7.00

2 Towns Ciderhouse Pacific Pineapple (Corvallis, OR) $7.00

2 Towns Ciderhouse Prickly Pearadise (Corvallis, OR) $7.00

Avid Jungle Juice Cider (Bend, OR) $7.00

Avid Blackberry (Bend, OR) $7.00

ACE Guava Cider (Sebastopol, CA) $7.00

Ace Imperial Peach Cider (Sebastopol, CA) $7.00

Bellingham Cider Rainer Cherry (Bellingham, WA) $7.00

Incline Imperial Hazy Honeycrisp (Tacoma, WA) $7.00

Incline Blood Orange (Tacoma, WA) $7.00

Lost Giants Raspberry Cider (Bellingham, WA) $7.00

Lost Giants Elderberry Cider (Bellingham, WA) $7.00

Tieton Cider Works Blackberry (Yakima, WA) $8.00

Greenbank Cidery Barrel Aged Gravenstein (Greenback, Whidbey Island) $10.00

Greenback Cidery Island Elixir (Greenbank, Whidbey Island) $10.00

Incline White Peach Cider (Tacoma, WA) $12.00

Hard Seltzer

Wild Basin Strawberry (Longmont, CO) $6.00

Wild Basin Black Cherry (Longmont, CO) $6.00

Wild Basin Raspberry Lemonade (Longmont, CO) $6.00

Hard Kombucha

June Shine Mango Daydream (San Diego, CA) $6.00

June Shine Strawberry Kiwi Crush (San Diego, CA) $6.00

Wine Cocktails

Fireball Shots $3.00

Voyage Hard Peach Iced Tea (Eugene, OR) $8.00

Pirate Water Miami Vice (Chicago, IL) $8.00

Pirate Water Sex On The Beach (Chicago, IL) $8.00

Ninkasi Grapefruit Refresher (Eugene, OR) $10.00

Craftwell Cocktails Blueberry Cosmo (Corvallis, OR) $10.00

Craftwell Cocktails Strawberry Margarita (Corvallis, OR) $10.00


Athletic Brewing Co. Cerveza Atletica Copper Non-Alcoholic Beer $6.00

Guinness Draught 0.0 Non-Alcohol Beer $6.00

2 Towns Ciderhouse Sidekick Non-Alcoholic Cosmic Crisp $6.00

Espresso/Hot Tea $4.00

Flavored Seltzer Waters $4.00

Lemonade $4.00

Assorted can soda $4.00

Craft Root Beer $4.00

Italian Soda $4.00

          (Raspberry, Pomegranate, or Passion Fruit)

Topo Chico Sparkling Water $4.00

Zentopia Chill CBD Huckleberry Lemonade $8.00

Zentopia Chill CBD Pineapple Sparkling Water $8.00

Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

PNW Cabernet (Washington) $8.00/$24

Lapis Luna Cabernet (California) $9.00/$27

Postmark Cabernet (California) $14.00/$42

In Sheep’s Clothing Cabernet (Oregon) $14.00/$42

McPrice Myers Bull By The Horn (California) $14.00/$42

Red Blend

Portugal Red Blend (Portugal) $6.00/$18

Honoro Vera Irreverent Red Blend (Spain) $8.00/$24

PNW Red Blend (Washington) $8.00/$24

Lapis Luna Red Blend (California) $8.00/$24

The Big Red Monster (California) $11.00/$33

Three Forks Red Blend (Washington) $11.00/$33

Townshend Vortex Red (Washington) $12.00/$36

Rock Meadows Cellars Rockin’ Red (Washington) $15.00/$45

Other Reds

Honoro Vera Garnacha (Spain) $8.00/$24

Twisted Cedar Petite Syrah-Petite Verdot (California) $9.00/$27

Martedi Winery Casa Sangiovese (Washington) $9.00/$27

Tuesday Cellars Merlot (Washington) $11.00/$33

Cline Seven Ranchlands Sonoma Merlot (California) $11.00/$33

Ridders Cellars Zweigelt (Washington) $11.00/$33

Right Hand Man Syrah (California) $14.00/$42

Pinot Noir

Pavette Pinot Noir (California) $9.00/$27

St. Josef’s Winery Pinot Noir (Oregon) $11.00/$40


Sin Rodeo Malbec (Argentina) $8.00/$28


Lapis Luna Zinfandel (California) $9.00/$27

Klinker Brick Old Vine Zin (California) $13.00/$39 


Terrezola Montepulciano d’Abruzzo $7.00/$21

Marchettii Due Amici Montepulciano $10.00/$30

La Quercia Montepulciano d’Abruzzo $10.00/$30

Antonio Sanguinetti Chianti $11.00/$33

Cala Civetta Sangiovese di Toscana $11.00/$33

Antonio Sanguineti Nessun Dorma Super Tuscan $12.00/$36


Thurston Wolf Port Touriga Nacional (Washington) $11.00/$33


On Tap

Kulshan Pilsner (Bellingham, WA) $7.00

Jellyfish Smack IPA (Seattle, WA) $7.00


Black Raven Pilsner (Woodinvillle, WA) $7.00

Deschutes King Crispy Pilsner (North Bend, OR) $7.00


Ninkasi Gold Lager (Eugene, OR) $6.00

Kulshan Mexican Lager (Bellingham, WA) $7.00

Harp Premium Lager (Dublin, Ireland) $7.00

Pabst Blue Ribbon (San Antonio, TX) $7.00

Sours, Seasonal & More

Kulshan Hefeweizen (Bellingham, WA) $7.00

21st Amendment Hell Or High Watermelon (San Francisco, CA) $7.00

Unibroue Blanche de Chambly (Quebec, Canada) $7.00

Founders Mas Agave Clasica Lime Gose (Grand Rapids, MI) $8.00

Lindermans Raspberry Lambic Beer (Belgium) $9.00

Dark Ale


Anderson Valley Boont Amber (Boonville, CA) $6.00

Mac & Jack’s African Amber (Redmond, WA) $7.00

Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout (Oceanside, CA) $7.00

Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale (Seattle, WA) $7.00

North Coast Old Rasputin (Fort Bragg, CA) $8.00

Founders Porter (Grand Rapids, MI) $8.00

Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout (Yorkshire, England) $8.00

Sam Smith Organic Chocolate Stout (Yorkshire, England) $8.00

Pale Ale

Bale Breaker Daybreak Pale (Seattle, WA) $6.00



Wander Shoe Toss (Bellingham, WA) $7.00

Ninkasi Total Domination (Eugene, OR) $7.00

Founders All Day IPA (Grand Rapids, MI) $7.00

Founders All Day Haze (Grand Rapids, MI) $7.00

Founders All Day Crimson Sky (Grand Rapids, MI) $7.00

Founders All Day Session Black (Grand Rapids, MI) $7.00

Founders All Day Session Cold (Grand Rapids, MI) $7.00

District Juice Almighty Hazy IPA (Mount Vernon, WA $7.00

Stone Hazy IPA (Escondido, CA) $7.00

Stone Delicious IPA (Escondido, CA) $7.00

Wander Right Here Right Now Hazy IPA (Bellingham, WA) $9.00

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA (Milton, DE) $9.00


Small bites

2 Tacos $5.00

Humus & Pita Chips $5.00

Humus & Vegetables $6.00

Soup Of The Day (cup) $5.00

Soup Of The Day (bowl) $7.00

           with Grilled Cheese $12.00

Grilled Cheese (only) $8.00

Flat Bread Pizza $10.00

           (Margarita, BBQ Chicken or Italian Meat)

Snack Basket $13.00

          (Chicken Strips, Mini Corn Dogs & Tator Tots )

Nachos $13.00

Totchos $13.00

11-inch Pizza $18.00

          (3 meat or cheese)



Medium $15.00

Large $20.00

Big Board $30.00

Party Board $75.00

          (ordered in advance)

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